Our team provides one part in a very complex solution to meeting the communications needs of the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency. As with all complex systems there are numerous ways to go about meeting needs and solving problems. This setting allows for a great deal of opportunities for people willing to help with training as well as in times of emergency.

       The number of excuses as to why a person can't help us is matched by the number of opportunities available. Below is a list of areas where help is nearly always needed. Creativity is valued within our team and though you may not see a skill that you have listed on this page, if you are interested in volunteering with us please contact us anyway. It is possible that the only reason we don'

t have your skill listed is because we didn't realize it was needed!    An amateur radio license, while very useful, is not mandatory to be a part of our team. People interested in obtaining their FCC Amateur Radio license should let us know and we can work with you to help you achieve that goal. In recent years the FCC has removed the Morse Code requirement making licensure easier than ever allowing operators to use the world wide bands to communicate for fun and in times of need.

  • Amateur Radio Communications

  • Public Safety Communications

  • Emergency Communication Monitors

  • Data Logging

  • Emergency Communicatons "Interface" Team Members

  • More information about these tasks will be listed here as it becomes available. Until then or to find out more about joining us, please email us at: WC1MAB@gmail.com